We do all the health checks that needed before mating. 

We x-ray:

Hips & Elbows

Examining the heart of an approved veterinarian.

We have also started testing for FGF5 (the long hair gene)

and CMR1 (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy, eye disease)

Before moving:

-Vaccinated with first at 8 weeks of age.

-Chip marked


- Veterinarian inspected

All our dogs are sold according to the Swedish Kennel Club and the Swedish Board of Agriculture's recommendations. We use the Swedish Kennel Club's agreement.

All our puppies are sold with pedigree.

All puppies are socialized and used to meeting children.

All new families get a small puppy package that contains some food the puppy is used to and some other small and good things that can be toys or good things.